Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lessons Learned

It's Saturday Night. I've just finished working with the brothers at the Scottish Rite at our reunion, presenting the degrees to our new brothers. I worked as a sound assistant for the PA system for several of the degrees, and I was the Assistant Expert in the 32nd Degree. I worked with a lot of the "White Hats." These are guys who have been awarded the highest degree in Scottish Masonry, the 33rd degree. They are men who have labored long in the quarries, and have been honored with this honorary degree for their contributions.

They were doing the "grunt work," for their new brothers and for the Rite. They were helping people get dressed for the degree work. They were moving props. They were serving hot dogs and cleaning up after meals. They got there at 5:00 am, so we could start at 6:00. They parked cars and served as ushers. Sure, there were others too: Red Hats and Black, and Knights of St. Andrew. The core of the workers wore White Hats.

This was a palpable lesson in Brotherly Love for me, and should have been for anyone watching.

When we are asked to help out,we need to think of these brothers. We need to put our egos on hold, and maybe our interests. What we want to do will come. What we need to do is right there in front of us.

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