Thursday, January 17, 2008

Streamer Tips I Couldn't Figger Out on My Own And also a Moral

This is an American Beauty Streamer

Made of feathers and bucktail, with Jungle Cock cheeks, a tinsel body, and a red hackle beard. This type of streamer imitates bait fish, and catches big aggresive trout, pike and bass.

The tip I got the other day can be translated to a lot of flies, such as Lefty's Deceiver All of these hackle type flies require the pairing of feathers evenly on either side of the hook.

Select matching feathers that curve in opposite directions when laid out on the table. They should be just a bit longer than the hook shank.

Select a couple of duck flank feathers to make the cheeks, and a couple of jungle cock feathers, or stick on eyes

Here's where the fun part comes in: glue the feathers into individual stacks using super glue, and allow to dry. After this, tying them on the hook is easy as pie.

Apply the tinsel and any ribbing you choose on the hook.

Place one feather bundle on either side of the hook, about one eye distance away from the eye.

Tie in some red hackle barbs as a beard; and form a good smooth head and apply varnish. Red hackle beards resemble gills, and seem to work better than other colors.

These streamers can be tied in any size from a size 12 to a 2/0. They catch fish, are pretty, and fun to tie.

Attractors and imitators fill our lives. We are attracted to people and organizations because of what we believe we can gain from them. We are erotic beings. Eros is love for that from which we can derive benefit. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all.

We are often attracted to imitators rather than the real thing. Imitations often are flashier and more alluring than the real thing. Substance lasts; imitations pass away quickly. Look for substance in associates as well as things.

We often want to have, and want people to see that we have, and too often don't care how we get it. We cheat on exams, we break speeding laws, we tell white and other lies when we feel cornered. In extreme cases we break serious laws; attack our fellows and take what they have gotten.

Bro. Theodore Roosevelt said that it is perfectly correct for the rich to have a mansion and a yacht, and a big car. To have a fur coat and nice shoes. But it isn't all right for the rich to have two, three or four mansions, cars, yachts, coats and pairs of shoes when their fellows have none. When those duplicates are acquired by less than ethical means.

We should give thanks for what we have; we should strive for more; we must use our increase to benefit our brothers and sisters.

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