Monday, December 10, 2007


There's been an advertisement on the radio recently about an old lady who lives alone.  Her neighbors think about calling or visiting, but they don't.  The narrator goes on to say that the lady almost had her first warm meal in a week, and almost got help to get to the doctor, and almost got to go out and have friends.  But no one called, so none of this happened.

empty lodge room

In our lodge, there are nearly 300 names on our roles.  7-15 People come to most meetings.  More come to special meetings, and many more, up to 100 (including guests) come to really special events, like installations, and events that have big meals attached.  Why are there so many at the special events?  Why are there so few at the regular meetings?  It's because someone called and invited the people to the special events; it's because these events have special programs that involve and interest people, and they're told that they're going to happen.  Regular meetings aren't even shown on our website.

Our Worshipful Master had a program planned for alternative educational meetings regularly, and regular social events.  One or two of these happened.  They were pretty well attended.  Special people were invited, and they brought guests too.  The key word is INVITED.

When asked why we don't invite the brothers on our roles who never come, there are many reasons why it won't work.  All the methods of inviting them require work.  The brothers are too old; they're not interested; no one knows them; they don't know anyone; it ain't done that way here.

Which brings me back to the advertisement I opened with.  How many are like that old lady?  How many are waiting to be told they're wanted?  How many have no way to get there?  How many need a visit?  How many need to have Friendship and Brotherly Love expressed and shown to them?

So you're a Freemason, so what?  What's next?


Radcliffe said...

Quite right Gingerman, my advice to all Masters is to hit the phone. One might think that it is a question of people calling the Master, no no. Its the Master calling the brethren. It worked well in my year. I also invited several Past Masters to have a night in the East. They were grateful and supported me more that year.

Steve said...

Bro Radcliffe,

Do you mean a literal seat in the east? Our WM usually (9 out of 10) asks if the "PMs of Solomon Lodge Would Like To Have A Seat In The East" - but it's more of a recognition/politeness than it is him actually asking them to sit in the east.

I agree calling people whomever you are is a good way to show that you are interested in them showing up. I've read it elsewhere that 'for the members who have been masons for quite some time there needs to be more of a reason than just showing up and paying bills and going home' for them to attend. As you have stated - how do we get this to happen? Table lodges? More picnics/bbqs/social events - meet at the lodge then head out?

I'm sure those things would work. Kudos to your post it's nice to see people care with an active heart.

beverley.edwards said...

When we became Master Masons a part of that obligation was to obey summons - we should NOT have to be invited to attend a function we are obligated to attend!!!

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