Saturday, November 10, 2007

Third Degree Proficiency

I now know why a stiff interrogation is called, "Getting the third degree." On November 8, I stood for my Third Degree Proficiency. I passed.

It's interesting that when events of this type come up, brothers you didn't know you have show up. How does this word go out? How can we harness this power to get more brothers to regular communications?

I think that's the key word: communication. I know that in our lodge there ain't enough of it. I suspect that it's the case in a lot of lodges. I was looking a websites tonight for the Scottish Rite and York Rite in various jurisdictions. Many of them hadn't been updated this year. There are some great websites that grab your interest and inform really well, but there are many more that aren't doing their job.

There are a lot of us who are retired. This can mean time on our hands. There's a commercial on Public TV in my area that says there is a natural resource out there that can save the planet. That resource is women. Freemasons have a great resource as well. Men with time on their hands, and experience in dealing with people during a long life. Harnessing that resource can drive new life into our lodges and into our life. Into our life because, as we have all experienced, life with friends is much more powerful than life alone.

There's no reason to believe because it's not being done that it can't be done. Find the right resource and use it. We're there. Use us.

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